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Rooms Rates
Room Price
Double Room (Double bed) € 66,00
Double Room (Singles Beds) € 52,00
Single Room € 44,00
Triple Roomc € 77,00
Extra bed for children under 10 years € 15,00 al giorno

Each room is equipped with complimentary coffee and herbal tea, croissants, cookies, biscuits, honey, jam, waffle maker, juice and everything you need to eat breakfast.

Apartments Rates
Apartment Monthly Price*
Studio Flat for 1 person € 550,00
Studio Flat for 2 person € 600,00
Two-Room Apartment for 1 person € 650,00
Two-Room Apartment for 2 person € 700,00

Each apartment is equipped with stove, sink, refrigerator and washing machine. * Prices are inclusive of the costs of heating, air conditioning, electricity, gas, water.

Extra Services
Swimming Pool* € 6,00 per day per person
Gym* € 8,00 per day per person
Swimming Pool + Gym* € 10,00 per day per person

Discounts will be applied for longer stays.

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